We're Doing The Granny Square

Bag in Progress/Rowan Hand Knit Cotton/Craft Activism
Sometimes it's fun to complete what you're working on quickly, and when you're crocheting granny squares you get to finish quickly over and over.  There's a feeling of satisfaction that comes over you every time you come to the end of a row and have to slip stitch into the third chain of original chain and fasten off.  And the often large selection of colors involved keeps things interesting and delightful to the eye.
Bag In Progress/Rowan Cotton Glace/Rowan Holiday Knits
I'm currently working on two bags for the store and Lisa W. just started a throw for her family room.
Blanket In Progress/Lisa W.
If you've got granny squares to show us, please post them on the our Facebook page.  We would love to see them.  And if you've always wanted to learn how to crochet but never got around to it we're doing a workshop on Monday April 16 9:30 - 2:30 when you will learn how to crochet AND make a granny square.  

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Julie Mazurak said...

Boy does that bring back memories from the late 60's and early 70's!! I made at least 10 Granny Square blankets in middle and high school!! I still even have one of them!! :)