It's Not Just About The Yarn - Part 2

Well, it might have taken a little longer than we thought to get the word, but it was definitely worth waiting to hear that Little Joe's took the Grand Prize for the Extra Yarn contest.

It's very exciting news for all of us and we once again thank you for contributing to this community effort.

I've talked about how a yarn store is not just about selling yarn here before, and this contest is one great big example of that.

While knitting and Katonah Yarn is how the particular community was formed, the many people who contributed from our shop did so in the spirit of helping out.  They may have loved the idea or simply knew the people asking, but they wanted the effort to succeed.

And it did.

(You can read what Little Joe's has to say about their win here.  If you haven't seen the slide show Amy Drucker made as part of their winning submission, I highly recommend that you check it out.)

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