It's Not Just About The Yarn - Part 1

Customers come into the store every day.  Some of them know exactly what they want or have an idea of what they are looking for.  Others are just looking, either because they want to start a project, be inspired or are in a new place and have to check out the local yarn store.  That's what I do whenever I am anywhere away from home.

Rarely does a customer just walk in and walk out the way you might when you are running into the A&P to buy a half-gallon of milk.  It's easy to get caught up in the conversation or in a conversation.  Someone will ask what you are knitting and then that person or someone else will be reminded of something like that that someone else knit and that will inevitably lead to some other project that was similar which might lead to a vacation that someone took when they brought that project with them and where they stayed and what travel agent was used.  You may even end up sitting down.  Discuss the merits of using a travel agent in the age of the Internet.  All of a sudden the conversation turns to dinner.  You really have to go.  You need to pick up a few things at the grocery store.  You're not sure what you should make.  You are bombarded with suggestions.  One person even makes sure that you write down the recipe.  

The picture above is of strawberries brought in by Chris B.  She went up to Pawling to pick up fresh picked strawberries to make preserves.  She thought we might enjoy a taste so she stopped by with a quart on her way home.

The strawberries set off a jumble of thoughts.  The metaphors possible between knitting and life are, if not infinite, many.  Much more warmth results from the creation of a blanket or a sweater or a hat than provided by the object itself.  There is the the warmth that results from someone dropping off fresh picked strawberries just because.  It would never have happened if one day Chris B. hadn't needed some yarn. - Liz

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