Some Boxes Are More Exciting Than Others

When I'm the one unpacking the boxes of yarn that UPS brings in around 2:30 most afternoons I am also the one overcome by the NEED to possess a portion of their content.   I see color combinations and textures where they do not yet exist.  I rarely know how I will use the yarn but I know that I must find a way.  Truthfully, I often let that need pass.  It is a necessity.  I am surrounded by beautiful yarn on a daily basis and would be drowning in it if I took home all that I HAD to possess.  As it is, my basement is in constant need of organization due to my having HAD to possess yarn and buttons and fabric in the past.  It's not a new story.  You've heard it before I'm sure.  Perhaps you're even writing a version of it yourself.

Sometimes I have an idea what project might work for the yarn that's fresh out of the box.  If a few hours go by, or a day, and I have actually put the yarn on the shelf and taken it off the shelf more than once, I start looking for a pattern.  These days I find it easy to pop in the yarn requirements on Ravelry.  Twenty-four hours later when I emerge completely raveled, I've found the perfect pattern.  For at least ten new projects!

The other day two huge boxes of Madelinetosh arrived in the store.  At least eight people came in within two hours of the yarn being labeled.  By the next day when it was almost all out on the shelves, one third of the Tosh Merino Light was gone.  People we had never seen before came in having somehow sensed that their beloved Tosh was in the area.

Jennifer and I are going to knit this shawl out of the Tosh Light.  We have three shelves of Tosh Merino DK in some really luscious colors.  They have some nice free patterns, like the Honey Cowl pictured above, on their website.  It's shown without a double loop but I can imagine how snuggly it will be looped twice around the neck.  Several people, Jennifer included, have knit the Wonderful Wallaby in the DK too.  What have you made with Tosh DK?  We would love to see it! - Liz

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