Kid Silk Haze Many Ways

The Kid Silk Haze Stripe snuck onto the shelves one week when I wasn't looking.  It only takes up one shelf and because it's already wound up in those adorable poufs, it is pretty inconspicuous.  In fact, with the ball band on it, it's hard to see that there's a whole lot of color going on in there.

But it stopped me in my tracks, and as you can see from the sample at the top, it knits up nicely.

I've always been a fan of Kid Silk Haze.  I crocheted this log cabin scarf as a result of having to have all these colors of the stuff.
Dani suggested a Sky themed shawl using Kid Silk Haze and here's what we pulled from the drawers.
And then of course there is this wonderful scarf and example of double knitting that Peggy will be teaching on Saturday, February 11.  Details here.

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