Sky Scarf Kits

We've had increased interest in our Sky Scarf kit.  Here are three packed and ready to go.

Can't wait to see the results.  The orders came from near and far so the skies will no doubt be different.

I'm still thinking about a kit for a baby blanket based on Lea's concept of recording the passage of a significant time in one's life in knitted (or crocheted) fabric.

Come on into the shop and we'll be happy to help you figure out a baby blanket project.

You could do nine squares, with each square recording a month of skies or knit nine panels (scarves) along the same line.  I think granny squares would also work nicely as a means of combining the different colors of sky while also allowing each color to stand out.

The possibilities for expression of this concept, as evident in all the examples sent to Lea here, are endless.

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