Double Knitting

 Peggy did a bit of show and tell this morning and stopped us all in mid purl.  

What you see above is two sides of the same blanket.  Besides being awe inspiring and mind boggling and impressive, it's amazingly squishy and cozy and when you touch it you want to surround yourself in it immediately.
 She said that she would love to teach a workshop on how to knit this.
I've been meaning to have a go at the Paul Klee scarf designed by Susan M. so I'm taking Peggy's blanket as a sign that I better get the scarf mastered so I can then do what must be a more complicated bit of double knitting for the blanket.


Kate B said...

Please do have a class on double knitting!

Liz Kaplan said...

We're offering a double knitting workshop on Saturday 1/21 10:00 - 12:00 - $40. Please join us!

Anonymous said...

I have just started a double knitted scarf (looks like window panes) knitted in complimentary colored varigated yarn so the color changes look more complex than they are. I would be interested in obtaining the pattern for this blanket (which is absolutely beautiful) can you tell me where it is available

Liz said...

The pattern is from Interweave Magazine's Fall 2011 issue. I'm working on finding you the direct link to purchase it:)