Crocheting a Flower

Not too long ago Lucy, from England, blogged about a shawl someone else, from France, blogged about after following a Japanese designer's pattern.  For a very short period of time, the French blogger had posted the Japanese woman's pattern on-line in a language other than Japanese.  By the time I and most everyone else got a hold of the absolute need to make the beautiful flower shawl/scarf/coaster, the translated instructions had been taken down.  I looked at many different crochet flower patterns and I looked at Lucy's closeup photos of her finished product and I made up a few.  And then I went on to crocheting other things that I absolutely HAD to be crocheting.

Last Monday a woman walked into the shop and inquired if there was anyone who could write up a pattern for the very same flower.  I had never written down a pattern but I sat down with her and she wrote down a pattern as I talked her through the flower we looked at on Lucy's blog.  What was so enjoyable about meeting her was that she wanted to crochet this shawl with as much passion as I had when I was on the search.  
This is what mine looks like.  

I have some ideas about how to open it up a little more.
Meanwhile, I'm going to have someone translate the Japanese pattern for me. - Liz

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