Ripple Along With Us

How exciting to see shelves filled with Simplicity in the shop!  It's not often that you're going to hear exclamations about a blend, but this Merino, Acrylic, and yes Nylon, blend comes in a zillion shades of beautiful and knits up soft and extremely pleasing to the eye.

And then Lucy over at Attic24 presented all her readers with an invitation to crochet a ripple blanket with her.  Lucy doesn't charge for her patterns but it's always nice to make a donation on her site.  Just keep in mind that she usually writes her patterns using British crochet terms so you have to translate them to our crochet terms.  A treble crochet is a double, a double is a single...
Lucy talks about how she chooses her colors over on her blog.  I'm always attracted to all the bright and stand out stripes that she puts together, but found my eyes returning again and again to the top shelf's earthy palette.  I could imagine being blanketed by ripples of calm.

I'll be rippling by tonight and invite you to do the same.  We've got lots of great choices for a ripple blanket.  If you need help figuring out how much yarn you need or what size hook to use, just email me at

Look forward to hearing from you.  Liz.

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