Every Day I'm Ripple'N

What's so addictive about crocheting or knitting a blanket that's more than one color is that at any moment you are going to get to the part where you change colors.  Where you get to see progress, the pattern, your idea become animate.  

I've been trying to ripple a little every day and I hope that you have too.  Please send some pictures along.  Don't let concern about the quality of the picture stop you.  Phones today allow for pretty good shots.  

For most of us who enter yarn stores it's not just about the main course, it's about the sides - the conversation, the opportunity to share ideas, consider options that would never have occurred to us,  Form friendships.  So it's not about perfection.  Imperfection is part of handmade.  Part of the beauty of us.

It's true that I've been mitering too.  

And knitting a slouch hat for a store kit pattern.  
It's exciting to be creating things.

Something Kay Gardiner said the other night made me want to shout out YES.  

She was talking about how much knitting (and blanket making) has allowed her to express her creative self.  How she has all sorts of responses to things that she cannot represent through any other medium.  Now those were not her exact words, but I'm pretty sure I'm getting the gist of what she was saying.

  She was saying that she's a person who has color and shape and texture in her soul and it needed an out.  That she looks at things and thinks about things and listens to things and wants to say something visual in response.  Something that involves colors and lines.  And knitting is how she gets to do it.  (I think there may be a little bit of staging/photography in there too when I think about that Mitered Crosses blanket on the dog in the park photo but that's just me.)
And here's the sky today in Westchester.  Have to go with the Tosh Light Antler and Silver Fox to express IT with yarn.  

Great day to get some knit'N done!

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