Wondering About the Wallaby

The Wonderful Wallably. 
Coming to your needles soon.
If it's not already there.
The pattern is written for all sizes.

It's for knitters beginner to advanced. 

It's comfortable.

It's cozy.

It looks great.

And there's a place for your hands if your arms get tired.

We've had some questions about this simple sweater.  And by we I mean WE.  I myself spent two hours picking up the stitches for the pouch.  Had I only read the instructions cover to cover.  Like you're supposed to.  Like we tell all our customers.  

Reading the pattern before beginning is as important as checking your gauge.  I became a believer of the gauge swatch years ago after working in two yarn stores.  I tell you.  I am now a total believer in reading the pattern before beginning to cast on or chain a stitch.

Here's what I learned about picking up stitches for the pouch.  (Turns out Felicia had figured this trick out for herself.  Felicia's knit so many Wallaby's we've lost count.)

Thread scrap yarn through the second knit row (after the ribbing) immediately after knitting it OR knit a contrasting thread along with yarn when knitting the second row (to be cut out later).  This way you don't have to guess which stitch your poking your needle through to pick up the next stitch. 

If you get confused when instructed to increase stitches evenly across a row, here's a link that does the calculation for you.

What advice would you like to share with Wallaby knitters?

You can see more Wallaby's here and here.

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