Lucy's Flower Pillow and Peanut

There was lots of laughter at the Crochet A Flower workshop last Wednesday night. Between the conversation from Mary's class, and the show and tell of all the projects they have completed  (they're an extremely impressive group of practically new knitters), and our group (learning the hard way that multiples of five means that you if you don't have multiples of five you will not have enough stitches to complete the pattern) you wouldn't have thought that we were concentrating on wrapping yarn and pulling it through one, two or three loops.
Those of you who last crocheted the LAST time granny square ponchos were all the rage need not fear that you won't remember a thing. It all DOES come back to you.
I made this pillow after modifying a pattern from Attic24 for which Lucy had written a comprehensive tutorial complete with her comprehensive photo illustrations. I haven't been able to get hold of Lucy but I have made a contribution to her coffee fund for which she has a button on her blog.
I think the pillow makes a perfect backdrop for Peanut who is feeling much better after being bedridden for a few days.

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