Up Up and Away in a Cloud of Cashmere

When I first saw Lea Redmond’s Sky Scarf project on her website I was instantly attracted to the idea of capturing a year’s worth of sky in a scarf and wrapping it around my neck.  For me visual balance is achieved through something other than symmetry and the idea of letting the colors of the sky determine the colors of the next row seemed just right. I also felt that the overall effect of the five colors involved would always be beautiful.

Lea is up to many many things all of which represent an amazingly creative sensibility.  In addition to having a business in which she conceives of and sells objects meant to bring the recipient pure joy and delight she shares many of her conceptual ideas with all of us by posting them on her website and relevant community sites; in this case Ravelry

The Sky Scarf is the first pattern that she is sharing in her Conceptual Knitting Series.  She clearly has amazing energy as well, and has a video up to help illustrate the organization of all the balls of yarn needed to represent your sky on any given day.  You can find Lea's pattern and the video here.

I felt that the Sky Scarf was a special project, a record of a year in my life, so I decided to use Artyarns single ply cashmere.  

Because I'm working on my scarf every day and  explaining what I'm doing to customers curious about the many balls of yarn attached to my needles I have ample opportunity to consider all the ways the the scarf could celebrate specific years in the lives of loved ones.  So far I've come up with knitting the sky of the first year of a baby's life or of the first year of a marriage.

It requires a certain amount of patience and definitely needs to be kept in one place.  But what a reward awaits on day 365. -Liz


Lea Redmond said...

Thanks so much for sharing my project, Liz! I too was thinking about a version for a baby. Would also be sweet to have the momma-to-be knit a sky blanket over the 9-months of pregnancy (or rather, starting whenever she learns she's pregnant!) The last row knit on the day before the birth. I think we can safely assume mamma will be too busy on the day of to knit! :)

Liz Kaplan said...

I love the idea of the pregnancy version! So sweet.