We've Got News!

Thanks to everyone who participated in our spring- cleaning sale. We were able to make room for loads of yummy new yarns! For those of you who love the hunt, there are a few sale items sitting in the back room. So come on in and see if there's that one last thing you might like to have at 50% off. During the first week of April, we will be donating the remainder.


Monday: 11-4
Tuesday: 10-8
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: 10-6
Saturday: 10-5
Sunday: 11-4

April classes are up on the classes page and we encourage you to give us a call and sign up quickly.

Jennifer is working on getting the new inventory system up and running and once it is, we're going to close the store for a few days to do a complete inventory. (Classes will still meet.)

Along with the new inventory program and hours we're very excited and happy to be introducing a customer rewards program. It's been something Jennifer has wanted to do for a long time to show how much we appreciate our customers and the new sales program makes it easy.

Liz is working on a new blog, so bear with us during the transition! (but enjoy and feel free to leave comments.)

Those adorable babies at the top of this post are new friends of Felicia's. She used ArtYarns Cashmere 5 and a free pattern from Ravelry - Baby Rollin Beret.

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